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Four Strategies that Build Lasting Motivation (and How to Use Them to Achieve Your Goals)

When it comes to motivation—especially for health and fitness goals—being an "inny" or an …

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Whether your goal is building a career, raising a family, or creating some kind of art, everyone has something they want to do with their life.When your motivation is working for you, it connects with reality in tangible ways. Want to start a family? Motivated people will start dating. Want to improve your career? Motivated people will educate themselves, apply for new jobs, or angle for a promotion.

Daniel Goleman suggests that in order to start making use of that motivation, you first need to identify your own values. Many of us are so busy that we don’t take the time to examine what our values really are. Or worse, we’ll do work that directly contradicts what we value for so long that we lose that motivation entirely.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you the answer for what it is you want in life, but there are lots of strategies you can try . Use your journal to find times when you’ve felt fulfilled. Create a list of things you value. Most of all, accept the uncertainty in life and just build something. Fitness instructor Michael Mantell, Ph.D Preowned Leather ankle boots See By Chlo 2018 New For Sale Discount Explore Cheap Sale How Much Buy Cheap Outlet Locations 1TI92
using lesser successes you know you can accomplish. Remember, everyone who’s accomplished something you want to achieve did it slowly, over time.

Four Ways to Figure Out What You Really Want to Do with Your Life

We've all hit that point where we can't figure out exactly what we really want to do with …

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Your emotions are only one half of all your relationships. It’s the half you focus on the most, sure, but that’s only because you hang out with yourself every day. All the other people that matter to you have their own set of feelings, desires, triggers, and fears. Empathy is your most important skill for navigating your relationships . Empathy is a life-long skill, but here are some tips you can use to practice empathy:

Shut up and listen: Take up a contrary position to your own: Don’t just know, try to understand:

By definition , empathy means getting in the emotional dirt with someone else. Allowing their experiences to resonate with your own and responding appropriately. It’s okay to offer advice or optimism, but empathy also requires that you wait for the right space to do that. If someone’s on the verge of tears, or sharing some deep pain, don’t make light of it and don’t try to minimize the hurt. Be mindful of how they must feel and allow them space to feel it.

Figure 10 suggests that there are four groups of keywords. One is related to government and policy: for instance, governance, public policy, public sector, etc. Another group relates to ICT, e-Government and services: i.e. ICT, e-Government, e-Government services, services. A third relates to outcomes, and stakeholders: it includes impact, applications, citizen, success factors, and adoption. The final group involves long-term strategy keywords, such as strategy, futures study, and strategic plan. The first two groups are similar to those found in two recent studies: Yusuf et al.’s systematic literature review of e-Government research (based on the most established conferences on e-Government (ECEG) and (ICEG) and on the usual journals in e-Government [ 57 ], and Alcaide-Muñoz et al’s bibliometric analysis of the thematic evolution of the e-Government field [ Light Iv Ladies Womens Multisport Outdoor Shoes Ecco Excellent Cheap Price Outlet 2018 New Best Choice LD7e737

The emergence of these distinct sets of topics suggests that there are studies in this sample of publications related to e-Government and FTA that have substantially different foci of attention.

The biggest cluster of keywords concerns issues such as stakeholders, citizens, adoption and impacts. The most often-mentioned keyword is e-Governance itself, at the core of a cluster of keywords on similar themes, including ICT (thus suggesting that the focus is on transformation of government activities in general). This is linked to other major keywords at the core of the biggest cluster (as just described), and to a cluster with more mention of public service, public sector and organisation issues; innovation also fits in this cluster, which may signify that these are publications with more focus on the process of transformation in specific areas of activity.

Fig. 11

Keywords groups based on use of terms in Abstracts per level of income

Fig. 12

Keywords groups (based on use of terms in Abstracts) per year of publication

Figure 12 also shows that the Outcomes, Stakeholders and Participation group was in second place in use in abstracts each year. This finding is in contradiction with the previous finding where as mentioned only around 20% of e-Government initiatives discussing this issue each year.

However, Fig. 12 also shows that between 2006 and 2012, this group was very active in terms of the number of e-Government initiatives. This finding is in line with the sub-period pointed out by Alcaide-Muñoz et al. [ 107 ] when the focus of e-Government studies was related to how ICT can support more efficient communication and the participation of informed citizens and other stakeholders in public decision-making matters.

Fig. 13

Families of FTA methods per stakeholders

The expert opinion family was most often used for involving stakeholders; the descriptive and matrices, and the monitoring and intelligence families were not far behind (Fig. 13 ).

Leadership Development
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This week’s Friday resource comes from Womens 80 Baxter Street Boots Steffen Schraut Online Cheap Quality Pick A Best Finishline Sale Online Buy Cheap Purchase Buy Cheap Big Sale 1Y0jN
and lists seven traits empathetic leaders have in common.
When empathy is present in the workplace, it has the potential to create higher amounts of understanding, clarity, and trust. Widely considered one of the most beneficial attributes a leader can possess, empathy gives leaders the ability to see and feel the experiences of other people, including the individuals who comprise their teams. However, empathy can be considered an umbrella term—within it are several positive attributes that are widely shared among effective leaders. So what all does empathy entail? Per psychologist, author, and speaker Sherrie Campbell, here are some of the traits great leaders share. 1. Self-awareness. “Great leaders are deeply knowledgeable about themselves and committed to their own personal development. To be great we must do the same. The most influential people on earth, those who have left the most significant impact, led from the heart. Empathy is not something we learn from a book. It is gained through suffering. From our suffering, we come to accept pain and challenge as integral parts of life, and totally necessary for great leadership. Think about it, would you want to follow a leader who had never suffered? How would this person know what to do, or how to lead us on the front lines if they’ve never been there before? To be great, we must know how to lead ourselves through our own fears in order to know how to lead others through theirs.” 2. Self-control. “Empathy is most easily sacrificed when we’re upset, angry or disappointed with another person. We tend to be the most hurtful and impatient in these situations. The important thing to try and practice is taking a moment to get clear before speaking. Great leaders tell others when a conversation will need to wait until they are clear enough to communicate responsibly. There is a wisdom to knowing that conversations can be placed on hold. We cannot be reactive and empathic in tandem. In taking some time, we are able to take in the feeling experience and perception of the other in a way that makes sense, or at least arouses questions that can be asked with empathy, rather than accusation. We get a lot further in business when we have enough empathy for the other to make sure and harness our own self-control before we speak.” Read more traits and the full article .

Role Clarity
Leadership Tips: Be Right Gracefully
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